Temporary Access Systems

When your project must be accessed by crossing fragile terrain, whether a maintained golf course or environmentally fragile wetlands, our temporary access roads, bridges and construction mats are the smart choice.

Access roads can be installed in almost any condition; including standing water up to 5 feet deep. Our experienced crews will prepare your site, install the ground protection mats and bridges, move them as your project progresses, then remove them and restore the site so well it can be hard to tell we were ever there.

Eliminate the need for “fill” roads – our REESE hardwood mats and REESE composite mats are a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative. Besides protecting the worksite, our construction mats play a vital role in minimizing peripheral environmental impact by keeping vehicles from tracking mud onto public roadways.

REESE provides your choice of economical 3-ply hardwood mats or sturdy composite mats. Contact us for a consultation on the most effective construction mats for your project environment.

For more detail about ground protection mats and ground protection mats for heavy equipment, view our construction mats page.

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